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This has been described as “Teenaged and adult angst, a touch of romance, and anti right wing sentiments”. Can’t argue with that!

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46) For the girls.

45) Ellie’s Letter from America, part two.

44) Spend a day with me

A Thank You

43) Permission, updated

42) Ellie’s Letter from America, part one.

41) A goodbye to Roland

40) Social engineering, and coming out.

38) Fear, continued

37) Fear

36) Work, the online world, and OXFAM

35) It’s a knockout; ABBA!

34) The Royals, the Census, and Brexit

33) The ongoing Marvel movies league table

32) Wedding plans, and the Roland TB-03

31) Glastonbury, and yet more waifu!

30) Q and A 3

Anna’s Sunday Service. 4

Anna’s Sunday Service. 3

29) Racism, and the amazing world of waifu

Anna’s Sunday Service. 2

28) Censorship, images…and Jaws

Anna’s Sunday Service. 1

27) Let’s talk about sex, baby. Part two.

26) More tits than ever…

25) Ellie; Five Kisses, part two

24) Crime, Punishment…and Witches!

23) An update

22) “Let’s talk about sex, baby”. Part one

21) Ellie; Five Kisses, part one

20) Q and A 2, Question harder

19) Cheats and CV’s and Liars, oh my

18) Updates

17) Just to say that you’re not alone.

16) Rome, Maria, and Christmas

15) My little finger, eBay, and my one time as a model

14) The wild camp, Doctor Who, and The Pounce

13) Another set of great tits.

12) Drugs, Redemption, and Religious Experiences (?)

11) Flat earthers, anti-vaxxers and Holocaust deniers

10) Q and A, we’re ten today!

9) Mac v PC, “first” and swimming outfits

8) Charity work, George Michael, and GTA V

7) Religion, the Right, and Thin Skins

6) School, confidence, and Ellie

5) A nice pair of tits.

4) Phones, Psychics and “I fink”

3) Foster parents, wild camping, and alcohol.

2) Bacon Sandwiches, underwear, and Donald Trump

1) Hello