24) Crime, punishment….and witches!

“There is nothing in the dark that wasn’t there in the light.” Rod Serling, The Twilight Zone

An Ellie-and-romance-free post. I know some don’t like the mention of her name. But fear not. One day I’ll just delete the whole thing, and always remember, you don’t have to read it!

Hi there girls and boys, I hope you’re well.

My ideas of right and wrong are entrenched, nothing much is going to move them. Some of my ideas on punishment are at odds with my leftie leanings though. That’s left as in left, not left as in reds-under-the-bed-oh-my-god-she’s-a-communist. I love that free healthcare and education! It tickled me to see people calling soon to be number 46 a communist, the same people that decided democratic law didn’t apply to them as they stormed up the steps to the US Senate. The frankly disgusting scenes a few weeks back defy belief. The knuckledraggers were spurred on by their leader of course, who along with his plastic wife sat and did nothing to prevent it happening. A few weeks earlier, he tweeted that anyone trespassing on such property would face ten years in prison. Let’s see how that goes then, as after all, he directed that at blacks, not whites.

There’s a saying here in the UK, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. As has been outlined before, my criminal history is non-existent so I’ve never been in prison. We have two right here in Durham, the originally titled HMP Durham, and HMP Frankland. Quite why they chose my beautiful city as a good place for prisons, couldn’t they have placed it in the middle of nowhere? HMP means Her Majesty’s Prison, and you can be incarcerated at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, meaning that you can be kept locked away for an indeterminate amount of time. Frankland is a high security prison where the likes of Shipman, Cuntley, sorry, Huntley, Bronson, and the “Yorkshire Ripper” Peter Sutcliffe have all spent time at some point. HMP Durham was the temporary home of Rose West and Myra Hindley. I can’t see me ever going to prison but you never know. I don’t think I’d fare well, but at least it would be local.

Whenever I see a UK woman’s prison documentary online or on tv, the inmates look spoiled. You see, girls and boys, if you’re in prison you should be there for punishment, and I don’t mean just your lack of liberty. No, I’d like to see people in chain gangs, clearing litter, actually making the area look nicer. Instead they’ve all got their tellies, hooch, cigs, drugs, not to mention relationships. Hindley and West had such a thing, I mean can you imagine a worse couple? I don’t think there would be many buyers of their dvd, “Lesbian Child Killers”. It’s the done thing to treat female criminals better than males. Sentences are more lenient, prisons are better equipped, and family visits are made better by use of specialist rooms. Quite why this should be? Your guess is as good as mine.

For all the talk of us living in a police state, I see very little of it. If you as the government want to put cctv outside of my house, fill your boots, it will be a boring watch. Just don’t look through my windows. The crime of TWOC, taking without owners consent, means car theft. I don’t have a car, but occasionally see a police chase along the coast road here in Tynemouth, the out of control twoccer leading the totally in control police car. Of course if the occupants decamp and run away, the police don’t always know who the driver was. Just arrest and charge them all, that way you definitely get the driver. But Anna, what about the others? The lesson being…well…don’t be in a stolen car!

Here it isn’t the police that decide who is to be charged with a serious crime, that’s down to the Crown Prosecution Service. As explained by Abby, a barrister.. Very basically, the police give them the evidence, then the CPS say yes or no to a charge. If they are charged, the courts decide on the sentence after a trial or hearing. As I’ve mentioned before now, wishy washy decision makers means wishy washy decisions. To not put a perpetual recidivist shoplifter in prison just because she has two kids… Just let her walk out of court, to continue the cycle of shoplifting, being arrested, released..

This week our police “lost” 400,000 records, DNA files, fingerprints etc. Don’t they backup, backup, backup? I’ve lost data because of my own stupidity or lack of understanding on how such things work, but 400,000 files? That takes a monumental fuck-up to occur. As yet Boris and Pritti haven’t told us what happened, but I suspect these two couldn’t find their arse with both hands tied behind their backs. No, it will have been some overworked PC, filing a report when he or she should ave been out there helping out over-stretched force. “Which button do I press to save this then, sarge? Oh..not the delete button then?”

There’s absolutely no point in the police going to the trouble and paperwork of arresting these miscreants if the courts don’t sentence them, and by sentence I don’t mean a slap on the wrist.

I’m lucky enough as to not have had a crime committed against me such as burglary. I’d want to perpetrator to be caught, then imprisoned. Actually, cut a finger off his or her hand. That’s a deterrent. That way, a scumbag only has space and time in the burglaries/finger-loss co-efficient before you can’t burgle any more. Or bring back the stocks, with a sign above telling folk what you’ve done, and next to it a big container of rotting fruit. Should the punishment fit the crime? Should a rapist have his cock removed? The answer is yes of course, as slowly as possible, with a rusty blade. Should a fraudster be phoned repeatedly to be told his bank account has been frozen?

But then there’s the death penalty. If you take a life then should yours also be forfeit? I’m on the fence with this one, really I am. On the one hand, why should you continue to live when you’ve taken a life? Put that against being not so cruel as to want to be the one taking the prisoner’s life. My sympathy for the victim is one thing, but the same sympathy for the offender is also a thing. Their thoughts as they are led to their death… So is losing their liberty for actual life, and not the UK version of life which can be as few as 25 years, a punishment?

The ludicrous prison tariffs we have here need looking at. If you’re sentenced for ten years, let’s just say the law says that you’ll receive ten years for, oh, I don’t know, violating an an area in which you aren’t meant to be, then shouldn’t you then serve ten years? No, here you serve five, as long as you’ve behaved yourself in prison. I think if an MP was to have a crime committed against them, they’d bloody well want to see that criminal serve the full sentence.

In 1993 a wee two year old was murdered by two 11 year olds. The things they did to him were horrible. Both have been released from prison, both have new identities paid for by the taxpayer. Also, both been in prison again since their release, so did the sentence teach the fuckers anything? I can’t imagine the pain the parents most go through when they see these two are free to do what they want. The only experience of this that I’ve even come close to was something my beautiful girlfriend experienced when younger, before I knew her. That perpetrator is still in prison, again after being released and re-offending. We know who he is, and where he is. One day…

There are some strange people that “audit” prisons…by audit, they mean strolling up to the prison’s publicly accessible door and haranguing the officers as they arrive for work, as well as asking the police, when they ultimately arrive, about who they are, numbers, names..fuck me, get a life. All for Youtube hits. These are the same types that will complain when the police don’t quickly enough for them when they’ve been burgled. That’s because they are out dealing with stupid twats like “auditors”. Were you bullied a a child, and that’s the reason you do this? I honestly can’t see any other reason why you would take up your time doing it. Please, if you are one of these, let’s chat? Until then, continue with your “This is public land, I can stand here” babblings. One of these days some burly officer is going to lamp you, and I shall cheer loudly. Prison reformers as well.. I don’t see you banging on for released prisoners to live in your house!

Having said all of that, I watch a documentary on a prison and think that there MUST be some that are there due to a wrongful conviction. DNA evidence isn’t infallible, other evidence can be planted by a police force desperate for a conviction. In the excellent Anatomy of a Crime by Val McDermid, such instances are gone over. Also, some of these people just need a hand in life, a job for instance. It’s something I’ll be looking at in the future. I’ve wanted to start a business for a while, and hearing from my mugger-turned-lifeguard Steven about his own experiences has made me think this could be the direction for that business, helping ex-offenders that actually want to better themselves. There are some I just want to hug, the likes of Steven Avery and in particular Brendan Dassey, who just looks lost, the poor thing.

Superb reading for the budding crime solver.

Punishment can take many forms, but ye olde fashioned versions should be brought back for some, like the ducking stool for those idiots that pretend to be witches.

Back in the days when I was 5 or 6, I Believed. Fairies, god, that Simba’s dad would return, the tooth fairy, Santa, (obviously I still do), monsters that lived both under the bed and in dark corners….and witches. Mum1 tells me I went to a fancy dress party as a witch, although I can’t recall this. I was never the type to think I could cast a spell, though. It was the same with movies. Superman never made me think I could fly, Wonder Woman never made me twirl about and dress in a manner totally inappropriate for crime fighting, and Spiderman never made me quote incorrectly. You’ll have to ask a Spiderman aficionado to tell you where the quote about great power comes from…they’ll get it wrong.

Type in the words “witch outfit” into Google search and you’ll come across sexy witches. Im 50% convinced that this is why people claim to be a witch, because it’s cool, the same way idiots file down their incisors because they think that they are a vampire, sad bastards. You’ve an empty life, devoid of contact with normal people, so you invent a persona that portrays you as a witch..Woo, powers! These phases coincide with tv programmes about such occult bollocks, have you ever noticed that? Well, no, the only power you have is that you can make people laugh by saying you’re a witch, so really you’re a comedian.

The sexy witch, UPS driver, nurse thing.. I know, I get it, I fall for it as well. The metaphors are there. You’ve only got to read the original Dracula to feel the eroticism in it. Sex will sell anything, and all the more if you feel that your life is dull compared to others, (it probably isn’t), and you need a path to escape down every now and again. Or a sky to fly in.

For those of you that missed the alleged witch’s comments, basically she or he or it was defending the far right, and can be seen in the comments here . He she or it seemed to take umbrage at my poking fun at the far right, and in particular little Seany, Britain First’s latest recruit. And as for the next few days I’ll be staying in Blyth, only a short hop from Ashington, I might see him. I wouldn’t attack the lad, that’s not in my nature, I mean I wouldn’t want to make the little lad cry, but name-calling, outing, perhaps a milkshake moment..they do attract milkshakes like flies round shit, the far right. An appropriate metaphor.

I’ve had absolutely nothing happen to me or my loved ones since the alleged witch told me that karma was coming…proof if it is still needed that all of this is utter bullshit.

Tell you what, I’ll put myself up against your witchy shite, anything you have, the powers of darkness, your far right “family”, incantations, demons, goblins, minions, as well as the unmistakable smell of bullshit. All against little me, with only my far distant lingering Catholicism to fall back on. The outcome is that NOTHING will happen. You may believe in your powers, but I don’t. Cast your spells, do your utmost worst. I’ve not been scared of the dark since I was 5.

As ever, thanks for reading.



20th of January, 2021


11 thoughts on “24) Crime, punishment….and witches!”



  2. Dealing with the Crime and Punishment part as I have no interest nor do I believe in Witches.
    Someone has to convince me why I should let a Hindley, Brady or West amongst many others remain alive and live comfortably at my expense after the heinous crimes they committed. There will be those convicted of murder for whom there is just a glimmer of doubt and these should serve a full life term (every day left of their lives) in a truly maximum security prison in the company of rapists and child molesters.
    Prisons should come in 3 categories soft, medium and hard for the appropriate levels of crime.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You may as well be writing about Canada. It seems the only truly punishable crime here is non-payment of taxes. The government gets really nowty if they don’t get their tithe. On the other hand if you bash some poor soldier’s head in with an axe they give you $10 million and an apology. I wish I was making this up.


  4. Was on the fence myself about the death penalty for much of my life but have now come down against. Somewhat because of the way my religious beliefs have evolved, but primarily because it seems it’s impossible to administer it fairly and accurately. I’m in the US and we’re at the point where many death row inmates have been found to have been wrongly convicted, in come cases completely innocent. At least if the person is still alive some reparations can be made. There is also the racial and social inequity that has become apparent.


    1. Hi there Steve, and thanks for the comment. I have days when I’m for and days when I’m against. We’ve not had it since the 50’s but there is no doubt that many people have gone to their death being innocent. Modern DNA evidence isn’t infallible either. Until we have a definitive test for guilt as in some sci-fi movies, the courts will have to be fair. Anna.


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