32) Anna’s Sunday Service. 3

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today…

This week has been a bad one for the US state of Texas. I’ve my own reporter there who tells me it was about the same as she’s experienced here at home on the odd occasion, but of course that means nothing if you’re a born and bred Texan. Air-con is all well and good but not much cop when the temperature plummets.

I was watching a report on a family there that had lost their house due to a fire. I expect that it may well have been the first time they’d lit a fire in the house. The mum had gone to town to get more firewood, leaving her teenaged son and daughter to look after the house. Now at least the woman had the good sense to light the fire in an actual fireplace, not just bring in the barbecue from outside and use that for heat like some have done. The daughter fell asleep, the son was on his phone, at least that’s their story. On returning the mother saw her house on fire, her two children outside. What makes the story sadder is that her husband had died in the past few weeks. The interviewer was asking the family how they felt, what are you going to do now, the usual questions. The son on the left looked extremely shifty, so I bet when the fire department investigate, he’ll have been chucking petrol on the fire.

The family have a GoFundMe page up to raise the $50,000 for a new house. Is that all a house costs in the US? I mean I know they are made of sticks, spit and tissue paper and all… Have you not heard of the big bad wolf?

At the end of the interview, the women said she knew her husband was watching over the family, her guardian angel. Shall say it? Shall I say he must have been looking away when his son or daughter made a perfectly good fireplace NOT a perfectly good fireplace?

Hymn number 20, O God of burning altar fire.

Here in the UK a couple of wild campers have caused the near death of a mountain rescue volunteer. They went out when they are supposed to be in lockdown and when one of them had a chest pain, they called for the rescue service. One of the volunteers fell 150 metres and now will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, thanks to these imbeciles. They were fined £200 each..is that all? Now I know I’ve been wild camping, but I do it on the flat, in a wood or field or wherever. You see this all too frequently of course, people wandering up a fell in t-shirt and shorts and trainers, no thought to the weather, then having to be rescued, for free. Make them pay. The rescue service made the unusual step of saying that while they are there to rescue people, on this occasion the campers were stupid for doing what they did, in lockdown, travelling hundreds of miles to do it. As far as the two people go, were they You-Tubers doing this for views? Look at us, camping in lockdown. I’ve not come across the video if they did, and my tame wild-camper tells me he hasn’t either, so maybe they were just out for a night under canvas to escape the boredom of lockdown. We’re all bored of it to an extent, but don’t feel the need to put others in danger. The volunteer has had nearly £750,000 raised for him so far, money that will go towards his lifetime of care.

I’ve donated to both causes in the hope that they can begin another chapter in their lives, the volunteer adapting to his new life on wheels of steel, the family united in the knowledge that you don’t leave your teenage kids in charge of a fire…

Hymn number 611, Just a closer walk with thee.

I’m back to work on Monday, as we start to ramp up to an opening soon. I say opening, nobody knows just yet. On Monday our glorious leader, the shaven monkey that is Boris Johnson, will announce what the latest fuck-up will be. The pool manager wants us in to paint and the like, but all I want to do is to test the pool integrity..i.e. fill it and swim in it. There’s a whole day, in the pool, by myself. Heaven. Then I’ve got to do the same at the other site. It’s a hard life.

I can’t wait to get back in the pool, I’m even looking forward to seeing the gym-bunnies! I’ve been keeping fit by running and using a home gym I purchased a while back. Not gone the whole hog of mirrors everywhere so I can look at myself just yet though. I’ll be kissing my arms next… My neighbours here in Tynemouth are great. On one side I have a deaf lady of 90, and on the other nobody, for 50 weeks of the year, so I can turn the music up when exercising. The Prodigy, AC/DC, lots of techno, a little a bit of Motorhead, and large quantities of lemon water get me through an hour or so. I may be fitter now that I’ve been for a while. Who says lockdown is a bad thing?

I’ve just had the best week on this blog since beginning, as far as followers and hits go. My thanks to everyone that has taken an interest. I’m always on the lookout for ideas so if you have any, other than please stop, I’m all ears. Of the suggestions I’ve had so far, selling my knicks is by far the most popular. The biggest blog post by a long way is number 5. Can’t imagine why.

Today it was the Methodist chapel again. Superb cheesecake!

Ite Missa est.

May your god go with you.



21st of February, 2021


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