46) Permission, updated.

Update at the bottom of the post.

Hi there girls and boys, I hope you’re well

I’m going to have a rant.

l was enjoying the return to work, some old faces, some new, but just to be on watch again in my high chair was wonderful!. Simple thing please simple minds, Anna.

Among the new faces is yet another lead gym bunny. They do go through them like a tory and expenses. This one is of the type that likes to tower over women, to lean with his hand on the wall, effectively trapping you there as he looks down your top. AND he says, ” ‘Ello darling”. I can count on all nine of my fingers who is allowed to call me darling. Previously he’s pissed me off by nicking what I’ve come to think of as my seat in the cafe for staff meetings. Today though.

I’ve had to come home from work for the first time ever, as this massive twat groped my bum while I was putting up a notice on the wall. This wasn’t just a gentle slight hand, it was a full-on two handed grope. I won’t stand for any form of sexual harassment at work, so I shouted at him before pushing him back, then I slapped his face, went to the manager, and came home. What is done about it is up to the manager, but if Boss Bunny isn’t gone by my next shift then I’ll be leaving. I’m an easygoing girl but was shaking with rage when the manager refused to suspend The Twat, even though this was seen by three others. We’ve also cctv in that area but whether it was switched on is another matter. My friendly security guard wasn’t on duty, but I’ll be calling him later to find out. The gym bunny, let’s continue to call him The Twat, well he’s the sort of bloke nobody needs in the workplace. He’s loud, big, muscled and taller than my 5’11 and has that swagger which some see as confidence, others see as intimidating. The two receptionists have also had the ‘ello darling treatment.

I’ve calmed right down now, after a hug from Abby and a coffee …. and a cream cake. I won’t say I had tears in my eyes. All he did was firmly fondle my bum. But what makes a person think that this is acceptable behaviour? Abby was most surprised that I didn’t knee him in the bollocks. and looking back, so am I. Yes I know harassment happens, but I wasn’t expecting it from a work colleague.

With the ill foreseen easing of lockdown, there are more people about on my morning runs. Waiting in the cafe line yesterday, somebody else held my arse for a second. What the FUCK is the matter with people? He did apologise, saying he thought it was somebody else. Yes, of course you did.

Even online this is a thing. Asking me if you can chat is the way I want to go. I don’t care if you’ve been accepted as a friend or not, and that word online is vastly overused, I like to be asked. A recent poll carried out by AnnaInc, on behalf of me, (That’s £100 please, kerching), tells us that 100% of the time, a hello before a PM is the preferred method. Having left two websites because of the overzealous attitude of people that think me logging on is a sign they can dive in and monopolise my attention for an hour, I find it easier than ever to leave more! In the past month thats a total of five now. Lush, two discord severs, and two others.

I’ve been groped at the pool three times now, the previous two by men that “accidentally” touched my bum whilst swimming. One of them slid his hand between my legs, thats no accident. I called the police for that one.

You wouldn’t just start dancing with somebody without at least a nod. That way lies a dance with the back of your intended partner. Unless of course you’re a complete knob.

I see people like Trump complaining that they’ve been booted off Twitter or whatever. Tough shit. It’s their platform, they allow you to use it. This week I’m at Circus Extreme. I’ve visited twice previously, and on the last occasion was asked if I would like to see behind the scenes and allowed to have a go at the rope climb. (Fecking difficult!) Would I feel that I could just walk on stage and take over the act when it’s in progress? Of course not. Rules are there to be adhered to and enforced if necessary. So when some orange faced clown tells his minions a blatant lie on social media, that platform has a perfect right to ban him, as it does with any other racist.

When I tell people not to bomb in the pool, they know that next time they do it they will be chucked out. But then there is common courtesy. If I want you to touch my body, I’ll ask, thanks. If I don’t ask, don’t do it. So is it the fact that we’re wearing little? At the cafe queue, I was wearing my usual lycra running shorts, at the pool something similar. Perhaps they are irresistible to lecherous men? And the same goes for women as well, although I’ve yet to have any woman I don’t know do that to me at work or in public. Please don’t form a queue, ladies.

Perhaps the time has come to call out these people. Intimidation has no place in the world, be it the workplace, at home, or in public.

Just had a callback from the security who tell me that the cctv would have been on this morning and in that area, so that now leaves my manager. If he won’t sack or at the very least discipline The Twat, then I’ll either swap to the other pool, which isn’t as nice as “mine”, or leave.

From today then. If you see me online, please say hi in public first. If not you won’t be receiving an answer… I do realise of course that many people don’t read a bio and therefore are hardly likely to read this. If we’ve been chatting for years, as I have with folk on Discord and IRC, then you will be reading this.

Other than that, I’m OK. No physical or mental damage done, just a minor shock.

As ever, thanks for reading



10th June, 2021



Despite it being eight hours now since this happened, I’m still awaiting a response from the manager. He owns the place, so in the end he has the decision to sack him or get a new lead lifeguard. I don’t want to leave, it’s been my life for ten years but if he chooses to listen to The Twat over me, that’s what will happen.

In the meantime, my thanks to all those that have emailed me with support.

I’ll keep you updated.



Update 2

Hi all.

I had a call from the manager today telling me that they’ve suspended The Twat, and would I come into work? A suspension is only partway, so no, I don’t feel inclined to, thanks. A weekend off sounds good to me. Meanwhile, I’ve been looking about on websites for lifeguarding opportunities. My thanks to all that have been in touch with advice, legal, mental, etc.


Update 3.

I have no joy in having anybody lose their job, but am pleased to say that The Twat has gone. More girls have come forward to report goings-on, I’m hearing at least five women and two of our customers, so he was sacked this afternoon. The police have also been informed. Let’s try to put this behind us now, along with having better checks on prospective staff?




4 thoughts on “46) Permission, updated.”

  1. That Twat should not only be removed from his job, but from society completely. We do not need people like that at all. This isn’t a matter of respecting personal space either; it’s sexual assault.
    This is why women end up being paranoid about going anywhere in public or interacting with anyone. It can become a severe psychological problem. Be careful.
    If it had been me, Gym Bunny would be having trouble talking what with his throat getting punched. Yes the bullies always pick on people they think can’t defend themselves.
    Hoping this turns out okay for you.


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