52) Q and A 4, the abuse version.

Hi there girls and boys, I hope you’re well.

For our fourth Q and A, I’ve collected all of the bad comments and questions that have been directed at me over the past two months or so. For every one of these I have ten nice messages. As ever, I’ve left the spelling and punctuation as it was received. Take it away, inquisitors!

ur sad for wanting to be married

As young girls aged about 12, in fact my diary tells me it was at 13, Ellie, Abby and a few others lay in the grass behind the school one summers day, dreaming out loud about what we wanted to do when we were older. Marriage plans were spoken of, some wanted to marry a prince, (Hi Sara!). Ellie, who had her head on my lap, sat up and said she wanted to marry me. Much hilarity ensued, prancing about as we enacted the ceremony. Happy days. What’s sad about wanting a stable relationship that is strengthened by law or your religion of choice?

i saw u on discord last week talkin about a keyboard u sad cunt hav u no life

About as much as yours, since you saw me there? And it was a Roland TB-03 bassline synth. Sad cunt.

You say you are ex labour but are joining again, Typical leftie, no backbone.

I’ve come to realise that a political party cannot be changed from the outside. As an outsider you have no input into the party.

rnt u a bit if a slut slept with lots if girls

I don’t know. Am I? It depends on your definition of slut.

Arnet you justa sad old bloke in a shitty little room, pretending to be a girl fir likes?

For online likes? I’m never going to meet anybody from that part of my internet activities, so why would I want them to like me? I come and go from online forums, none of them mean that much to me, at the very most a pastime. Is this because you didn’t like my reply as to why I don’t appear on OnlyFans? Why would I want to appear online to basically sell my body? I’ve neither the financial need nor the brass neck to do that.

You say youre 5’11, i can give you that extra inch to make you a six footer, bitch

Just an inch then? Not owning one, I’m the last to cock-shame, but if you have to go there…

you read tstories o your gf, u sad cow

She likes my voice, what can I say? I’ve always done it, I do the voices and everything!

I’ve read your blog and can’t say I enjoy it. The structure of your sentences is dire, your grammar likwswise.

Thanks for reading. I think it was mentioned in the first post that my degree wouldn’t be make an appearance. Likwswise.

Why wont you show us your face

A few reasons. One day, maybe, as a Youtube channel is easy to set up. At the moment I’m happy being semi-anonymous.

Your address is 46, Consatnce street, tynemouth.

Is it?

You have white blinds at your windows

I do!

The steps up to your door have plantpots on them

They do! No idea what the plants are though, I just like the flowers.

You have a green door

Checks.. wellll, its a sort of muted green I suppose, more a bluey turquoise. No, it’s red.

You have stairs down to your basement door

Partly correct, I’ve steps but no door.

i no where you liev is wat im saying.

You know where I live, is that what you’re saying? You should really try to type with two hands. Methinks you’re a Google maps stalker, but whatever does it for you, I suppose. I’d ask for a refund.

Aren’t you a champagne socialist? You play at being a labour supporter but have the lifestyle of a tory.

I know the definition of a Champagne socialist. Don’t like champagne, I prefer a sweet cider. The lifestyle of a tory? I can’t for the life of me recall the last time I voted against workers rights, or against a minimum wage, or against free childcare for 2-4 year olds, or indeed voted to sell off the NHS. You mean I have money? Fuck, is that all it takes to be a tory? My conscience, the fundamental feeling lacking in tories, will prevent me from ever going down that route.

You tease us with your stories, tell us sexy stories bitch

I’m sure your mind can fill in the blanks. Have you noticed how many of these call me a bitch? The originality shines through.

I’m a cross dresser and would like some advice on fashion, but your blog is shit for that.

I’ve gone back over my posts and have never mentioned fashion, although it’s upcoming. Advice for crossdressers though? I wouldn’t know where to begin. I don’t know any, but if I happen to make friends with one I’ll let you know.

no wonder u were groped at the pool u wer probably teasing as much as u do here u slut

Got to wonder at people like you though. Condoning sexual assault. Pillock. Where do I tease? As you posted this to my email, I’ve no idea. Let me know, the next time you’re hitting the keyboard with your fists.

i bet u were inviting him to do it to u, sluts like u always do

Aye, I was wiggling my arse suggestively at him, lap-dancing, blowing kisses.. you’ve got me.

i live in the USA i no ur surname

Well….I’m waiting… While I wait, let me loan you some advice. “i no ur surname.” Or, in English, I know your surname”, as opposed to your version, “I know you are surname.” At the very least, use some of that crappy US education. My surname is slightly unusual, but as it has more than three letters I don’t think you have the braincells to imagine what it could be…. or imagine anything, come to that

Why won’t you talk to me online?

When your opener was, “hello slut”.. need I go on? I’ll chat to most, but your engagement was on an 80’s music Discord server. Have some sense.

Newcastle United are a shit team. Why not support Liverpool as I do? It will make you more likeable.

I don’t know what you mean. Because they are my local professional club? I see you’re in India. Bit of a hike to travel to Merseyside on a Wednesday night, I’d imagine. I’d like to ask why you support a team in another country..ah.. makes you more likeable online!


You couldn’t afford me.

U r a bad girl i want to spank ur ass

Does your keyboard have all of the letters of the alphabet?

u really are a slut if u have had sex with more than one person

Oh grow up. You do realise that you sound like a 14 year old?

Why no phne? is it becuaee yu are too desne to operate it? UwU

Where to begin. Are you trying to say that I may be too dense to operate it? I see it’s done your spelling the world of good..and those emojis! Oh wow.. aren’t you a clever thing?! (Emojis removed for my sanity). “But they’re so expressive” “They can say things I can’t” Clearly. But as I have an education I can express myself in words during a conversation. My friends call me, they don’t send me a fecking smiley face. But as for a mobile, I can operate one, but choose not to.

I’m a Tory and proud. (You should really stop right there). I find your lefty views abhorrent. Your constant barracking of Boris and the cabinet shows how much you understand about politics.

The day one of your Conservative chums helps me at either the food bank or soup kitchen, I will have a think about my views. Until then, don’t talk to me about abhorrent. Denying children free school meals but then voting against a cut in foreign aid as that will affect your business links is abhorrent. Johnson writing about “flag-waving picanninies” is abhorrent. Not locking down the country when your government chums knew the pandemic was coming, allowing it to kill thousands, is abhorrent.

no wonder ur gf lives apart from u. i bet ur miserable to live with

You can ask her yourself, she reads this blog before anyone else sees it. Cue Ellie..

Hello there random internet person. I choose to live away from Anna for now because it suits me to do so for the moment. I’m doing what I like for work.. do you have a job? You can look up that word in a dictionary. A dictionary.. you can find one in a library. A library… Living with Anna is a thing I’m denying myself for now. Just about the only thing I don’t like about it is the constant sex.. morning noon and night, will this pleasure never end? A girl has to go shopping at some point in the day! Sorry for mentioning sex, something you probably don’t have in your life either! No, she’s an angel to live with, can make me wee myself with laughter, or cry when reading a book. Does that answer your question? Ellie.

i bet u love it up the ass most whores do wen i fuk them they luv it hard then i cum in there mouth like the slut they is

Hmm. It isn’t for me, actually. An inquisitive finger tickling me there is ok, but no more than that. I can see your attitude to women stretches to debasing them. Tis a shame you’re never going to meet one in the flesh, stuck there in mum’s basement, Call of Duty on your console, vest stretched over that massive gut, tissues littering the floor…

yo n***a my bitch. r u up for a threesome wid ma homies?

At first I thought this was a wind up, but on further investigation saw that he talks like this in all of this posts. I’d answer him in his own semi-literate language but my lack of use of the n word would let me down.

Why do you hate Americans? What have we ever done to you? I know what i would like to do to you but your bad teeth would put me off.

I don’t. All countries have idiots, it’s just that yours has more than it’s fair share. Some of these are allowed online. The Americans I’ve met in person have all been nice, every single one of them. It’s the a-whoopin and yeehah-ing I detest. Bad teeth? Are we wanting to go down the stereotype road then, you gun-totin fat twat?

Why haven’t you had sex with a man, are we not good enough? I’d split you in two then rape you all night.

Bringing an axe with you then? Bragging abut the size of your penis is usually a sign of a small one. But raping me ALL NIGHT? Woo, look at Mr Stud here. So all night.. no coming then turning over, or are your nights the length of an average advert break? And the rape bit. You could try. The last time I made love to your wife she told me you are very fucking trying. I suspect my foot up your arse and the subsequent bounce into the sea might cool your ardour.

u sware 2 much b a lady

I’m a fucking lady in public.

You say not much scares you. I bet I could. One night when you are sea swimming I’m going to find you and make you wish you hadn’t left the house.

Pathetic Sharks, Viz.

Oh no! It’s one of the Pathetic Sharks! Soooo.. you’re going to do what? Sneak up on me in the water, or on entering /leaving it? I’d probably end up saving your scrawny arse from drowning, which I would do, as I’m a nice girl.

Finally, this one. I had to think about publishing it. You can direct hate against me, but my parents are another matter. This was forwarded along with the IP address to my friendly Belfast police station, as well as others through less formal channels.

I know who killed your scum father He was a Catholic who was working against the freedom fighters and yur mother was a slut. The IRA will not cease fighting scum like you. You are a Catholic in name only, we disown the likes of you. You are a dirty Brit, and it will be easy to find out your address or place of work. Make no mistake, we the IRA will silence those that continue to preach that we are terrorists. Be warned.

I’ve had these previously. You don’t scare me, terrorist. Some of us don’t believe in your god so aren’t afraid to die as we have nothing to lose. You think you are in an army. You’re too dense to be in an army. You belong in a cell, where you can smear your own shit on the walls, a pastime many of your fellow terrorists indulged in. You’d be better off going by your handbook… “...the best defence is to remain COOL, COLLECTED, CALM, and SAY NOTHING.” Their capitalisations. Quite why your scum had a handbook when the majority of you can’t read…

Off you trot, Cormac Fitzpatrick. You want to make threats, but I found out who you are with two phone calls.

Despite all of that, I’m STILL a happy girl with a beautiful life.

As ever, thanks for reading.



30th July, 2021


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