53.5) Why a lifeguard? – Updated.

Hi there girls and boys. I hope you’re well.

In my last post I mentioned a meeting that was to take place with the management of the pool. This happened yesterday and the upshot of it was that I resigned. Present were the manager, his wife, and a solicitor, strangely. Fortunately I had taken along my friendly barrister Abby for support. CCTV was shown, hardly smooth but certainly clear enough for all to see the gym bunny grope me. Words fail me very rarely, but they did as the manager said he couldn’t make out if I had been groped. That was the final straw. I had planned to give him the benefit of the doubt and stay on in my job, but there is only so much leeway one can give.. So I resigned, to which, and I still can’t believe he said this, “but…but we’re short of staff”. Thats just tough. As the place is closed, I missed out on saying my goodbyes to colleagues. Abby took me home with me in tears, anger welling up.

I can count on two hands, even with only nine of my ten digits, the number of times I’ve been genuinely angry in my life. I have an inbuilt regulator that just won’t let me be angry for long. She has been sorely tested for the past week, though. The following day, after a night of emails, phone calls and visits from friends, the manager called me, asking if I would reconsider! The time for that was way passed, and if he was to have defended me in the first place… I put down the phone on him.

What to do then? Job-wise, I’m ok. I’ve enough volunteering opportunities to last forever. Lifeguarding will always be needed. In the week to come we’re organising a university ball or two which is time consuming, as well as entertaining. I’ll be seeing people for the first time in two years in some cases. A lot to look forward to then. Still I woke up this morning with tears.

People have asked if the gymbunny will be going to court, and the answer is yes. The Crown Prosecution Service have said there is enough evidence to prosecute, as not only did he do this to me, but at least five others, men as well. Abby tells me that it will probably go to Crown Court for trial, that’s if he is stupid enough to plead not guilty, although it could stay in Magistrates court. Would I be happy to stand up and tell.. certainly.

I then can’t say his name, or what revenge will be exacted on him. My neighbours here in Durham are livid. Last night we sat down for a takeaway, myself, Abby, Carl, Morgan, Frederick, and Jake. Tales of kidnap, torment, sexual harassment and sausage making abounded. Jake especially is fiercely protective of me, and I’ve had to make him promise not to act on that.

So that’s that, girls and boys. My apologies if it’s a tad downbeat. Normal service will be resumed shortly, I’m sure.

As ever, thanks for reading.



15th August, 2021


2 thoughts on “53.5) Why a lifeguard? – Updated.”

  1. That is horrible. I hope Gym Bunny gets what he deserves, but he won’t because they no longer use stocks in England. I’d say you also have grounds for suing your former employer on a basis of wrongful dismissal, but you probably just want it over with. I don’t blame you for that.
    You know what those people can do to themselves, and I hope they find it painful when they do.


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