Anna. 1990 – 2021.

It is with immense sadness that I have to inform you that Anna passed away three weeks ago. She was admitted to hospital suffering from the worsening effects of Covid and was placed onto a ventilator. It was decided to induce a coma in order to alleviate her symptoms but during this she left us. I was in London and Ellie still in the U.S., both of us unaware that Anna’s condition was so serious. Our girl died with none of her friends present.

Anna had no actual family but her foster parents and we her friends are distraught at how someone as fit, energetic and full of life was taken from us in the space of a few days. Ellie is inconsolable.

As Anna’s legal advisor, the executor of her will, but firstly as her longtime friend, I saw to it that her wishes for her funeral were carried out, which were for a small service and then cremation. We as yet can’t bring ourselves to dispose of her ashes, and as such they are here with Ellie and I but in the near future we will take them to her favourite place in England, lake Windermere.

I know by seeing the amount of emails to this site and the activity on her Twitter account that she was popular, and that her death must come as a shock to you. I can see over a hundred emails awaiting an answer in her inbox even before this announcement, but you can understand that our emotions are too raw to begin to answer these. Instead we’ve taken the decision to announce Anna’s death like this. Ellie has given me access in order to close down Anna’s social media accounts, but we will leave the blog here if you’d like to leave a comment. We will consider leaving it here permanently as a memorial to her. Alternatively, my email address is if you would prefer your message to be private.

We hope to arrange a celebration of Anna’s life in the future, in some form. This way, the many people that could not attend her funeral will be able to say goodbye to her. Again, I’m desperately sorry to have to inform people this way. I know she would ask you not to be sad, but to think of her warmly.

Yours, Abby.

Anna, Saoirse, Antique, Miss G, Sandy.

All names for our beautiful girl.

We love you so very much, A.S.G.


16 thoughts on “Anna. 1990 – 2021.”

  1. Anna and I became friends when she literally fell into my arms as she hadn’t noticed my wheelchair behind her. We kept in touch via twitter and I was invited to see her perform at a charity event at which I met Ellie. Lovely people. I’m so very sad for your loss. If there’s anything I can do then just call.


  2. Anna. I vastly enjoyed our chats both online and over the phone about the rights and wrongs of our respective political views. You never once made me feel like I was beating my head against wall when explaining why my party was right and yours was wrong, but rather accepted both views. Your kindness, understanding, and tea, made you worthy of being my friend. Roberta.


  3. To Ellie and Abby. I’m so shocked at hearing about Anna. I was speaking to her just last month about the Christmas market stall. She’s going to be a massive miss in our lives and around the town. Derek and Paul have asked me to pass on their condolences, but condolences sounds so twee. Sleep tight, our Sandy.


  4. Not many people enter your life and remain there so firmly. As her neighbours, Carl, Jake, Morgan and myself were lucky to have had Anna as both a landlady and friend. You are already missed, our friend. x


  5. I am so sorry for your loss. It comes as quite a shock. I was friends with her online and only knew her as friendly, sweet, kind hearted, beautiful and VERY passionate. She is already missed deeply in the circle her & I knew each other in.


  6. I am heartsick to read and am sorry for your loss…and everyone’s.Anna was a dear, passionate and loving online friend for quite some time and forever shall be deeply missed. She truly made me smile and touched my soul.


  7. Anna. Your many many donations to our fund helped build our school in the Gambia from which I write this. The girls were so looking forward to meeting you again next year. The tree we planted is strong and it will always remind us of you. Suto Yediya, our English rose.


  8. Time will pass and you will find peace, but until then pass on my condolences to Ellie. Like everyone, my wife and I were stunned to learn of Anna’s passing. Anna and I met on Discord where her enthusiasm to learn about her synth shone through. Anything you require then just call us.


  9. My dearest Ellie. Rog and I offer our heartfelt sympathy to you. Not only was Anna a helper here at the foodbank but she was also one of the nicest and funniest people we have come across. Anna, you were loved by so many people. x


  10. Anna. Dal nostro incontro a Roma la mia mente è stata piena di te, del tuo tocco, delle tue risate, delle tue parole. Non riesco a esprimere le mie emozioni in inglese. Il mio dolore per te ed Ellie è molto profondo. Posso solo sperare che troverà presto la pace e che lo aiuterò in ogni modo possibile. I brevi tempi che abbiamo trascorso insieme sono stati i migliori che chiunque potesse avere. Sarai sempre nelle mie preghiere. Farò in modo che i fiori siano posti sulla statua di Bruno in tua memoria finché vivrò. Le mie parole non provengono da una persona istruita, ma credetemi quando dico che vengono dal mio cuore. Incontreremo di nuovo la mia bella ragazza.


  11. My shock at discovering the death of Anna was huge. She touched so many people with this blog. I hope you can find a way to see through the pain. Alice.


  12. Your life was short but it’s easily seen that you touched so many. Sleep now Anna, one day everything will be fine. Steph.


  13. So very sad to read of Anna’s passing. That first time we met through Ellie is vividly remembered by both of us, and we were talking about it only last week. Ellie, we’ll be visiting when you feel you can see people again, hun. x


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