12) Drugs, Redemption, and Religious Experiences(?)

"I will try to fix you" - Coldplay Warning. Tales of minor halo slippage. Hi there girls and boys. I hope you're well. Am I a good girl? A person from my online life asks me this, and I have to answer that I am. I try to lead a good life, apart from the… Continue reading 12) Drugs, Redemption, and Religious Experiences(?)

7) Religion, the Right, and thin skins..

"Let the choir sing" - Like a prayer, Madonna Hi there, girls and boys, I hope you're well. Religion and me have a love hate thing going on. On the one hand, I can't stand its pious "You can't do that" attitude to certain matters, such as the woman that told me I couldn't kiss… Continue reading 7) Religion, the Right, and thin skins..